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The Data Strategy Accelerator Workshop

Learn how to deliver a Value Driven Data Strategy that supports your organisation's growth

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This is an invitation for...

Recently appointed data and/or analytics leaders who need to quickly launch and implement a data strategy within their new organisation.

Business heads who need to work with their data and analytics teams to define and align a data strategy with business strategy.

Data leaders who have started with an existing data strategy, but are now struggling to launch or mature the strategy within the business.

Heads of data management, analytics, data governance roles who need to create or support the delivery of a robust data strategy.

The Data Strategy Accelerator Workshop is ideal for you and your organisation if you are facing challenges such as...

"We've made big investments in data projects and analytics talent -- people are very busy doing a lot of things -- and we are frustrated by the lack of any measurable return."

"Many in our firm believe 'IT & Tech' are the panacea to our many data challenges"

"We are data rich, but that isn't being translated into actionable insight within the workforce"

"The company grew through Mergers, so we've got a rag-tag bunch of analytics tools, teams and approaches"

"We continue to find data issues across departments and we don't have a way of dealing with the problems that are caused by them"

"We suffer from internal departmental silos that are affecting our progress to become data-aware"

"Samir delivered an exceptional data strategy workshop - well structured, interesting and practical.

The use cases and exercises introduced by Samir contributed to focused and stimulating discussions amongst participants. I came away with newfound knowledge and a desire to continue my education in this critical topic. I could not ask for more from a one-day workshop.

I highly recommend Samir’s data strategy workshop to any professional seeking to understand how data can impact change in their organisation."

- Michael Feiner, Director of Data and Analytics, Leapthree

What are the benefits of attending the workshop?

Delivered over 4x half-day remote workshops, in a public or private format, you will achieve the following outcomes...

Get a Clear Roadmap

Develop a clear data strategy roadmap that supports your organisation's vision for data

Build from Success Patterns

Understand how to deliver successful data programmes by following proven blueprints

Create an Expert Network

Network with other data leaders across a range of different sectors, gaining insights into new approaches and business models

Apply Ready-Made Frameworks

Take away simple, repeatable, data strategy frameworks and tools that will accelerate your progress

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"I attended the data strategy workshop as we were going through a lot of change with data and I needed guidance on how to create a successful data strategy. The workshop was very well structured and covered the three main areas of data strategy: Data Governance, Data Architecture and ensuring your data aligns with your customer strategy. The event was facilitated expertly by Samir Sharma from datazuum.

The opportunity to share experiences with like-minded data professionals in an informal workshop was both valuable and enjoyable."

- Ian Johnston, Head of Data and Analytics, Standard Life

Your Coach and Instructor

The Data Strategy Foundation Workshop is taught by Samir Sharma, CEO and Founder of datazuum, a data management consultancy specialising in Data Strategy and Analytics.

Since 2002, Samir has helped organisations of all sizes and industries create and implement data strategies, focusing on turning data into a strategic business asset.

Samir hosts "The Data Strategy Show" podcast, is a member of faculty for Data Strategy at the prestigious PWC Leadership Academy, and regular speaker at international conferences.

MODULE #1: Lessons and Outcomes

The Need for a Strategic Approach to Data


  • Why a comprehensive data strategy is important
  • Data - what are the areas of impact?
  • Exercise: The 4 Strategic Questions
  • Understanding your data maturity
  • Articulating your vision for data


  • Clear understanding of your current data maturity
  • Clarity of problem areas within your organisation
  • A clear story you can tell about data


  • Data Maturity Assessment
  • Key Data areas clarified
  • Data Vision Storyboard

MODULE #2: Lessons and Outcomes

Creating a Decision Framework


  • Understanding the importance of a Decision-Informed Framework
  • Understanding the two types of business questions
  • Exercise: Mapping your Strategic Objectives to your Decision Points to Business Questions


  • A clear understanding of how a decision framework helps support change and growth
  • Clarity of the business questions you need answering
  • A clear linkage between your strategic objectives, business questions and outcomes


  • Documented business questions
  • Decision-Map Framework
  • High-Level Requirements

MODULE #3: Lessons and Outcomes

Why People and Process Matter to Data


  • Applying the business questions to a more granular level for People and Process
  • Getting to know the three types of data
  • Exercise: Mapping data needs to business questions, systems and people
  • Considerations for Data Governance in your data strategy


  • Understanding who is impacted by your strategy and why process matters
  • Clarity around the different types of data and how they apply to your requirements
  • Clearly documenting data needs


  • Decision Map Framework mapped against People & Process
  • Documenting the different types of data
  • Data Governance Framework Overview

MODULE #4: Lessons and Outcomes

Prioritising your Decision Framework


  • Why you need to prioritise your decision framework
  • Data Discovery and why it needs to be done
  • Exercise: Creating your prioritised list of requirements based on people, systems and data
  • Bonus Exercise: Creating your value roadmap


  • Prioritisation of your data strategy and why it matters
  • Clarifying your requirements through data discovery
  • Understanding how to structure your roadmap


  • Prioritised requirements
  • Establishing your case for change
  • Producing your value roadmap


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"I had the pleasure of attending this workshop on data strategy.

I appreciated Samir's enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge on the subject of data strategy, from years of experience. Samir was able to breakdown the key concepts of data strategy, and took us through a step by step logical process that covered the most important things to be able to move from strategy to implementation success!

I came back to my office with concrete answers to all of my questions."

- Alain Sanjaume, Global Data Business Lead, Teads.TV

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the programme delivered?

The program is hosted over 4x half-day remote workshops.

Who else will be on the programme?

We deliver the course in two options: Private or Public.

With the Public program, multiple attendees from different organisations may be present. The Private option is exclusive to you and your organisation.

How do I study and take part in the workshop?

You simply need a computer and internet connection to attend each session and complete the assignments and activities provided. The modules are delivered live and are recorded for post-session.

Is there a cost for the programme?

Yes, there is a cost for the programme. We price on two options whether we are delivering the workshop in a Private or Public format.

When you apply for a workshop, you'll receive an information pack with all the pricing options based on your particular circumstances


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